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We have made it super easy for any building with IoT connected devices to download our software and begin saving money. 


The Niagara Marketplace offers a free DemandQ JACE Plug-in to enable your Niagara system. Simply click the link to download the DemandQ JACE Plug-in.


 For non-Niagara System buildings, fill out the EZConnect form below and we will guide you through the simple process of implementing DemandQ.


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DemandQ’s Self Serve Agent is a module containing a series of applications that provides swift and easy access to DemandQ’s AI-driven flexible energy management solution. The module contains three applications: DemandQ Control Agent, DemandQ Point Discovery, and DQAgent Cleanup and Reset. The applications perform the following tasks:

  • DemandQ Control Agent: Primary application of the EMS module. Establishes connection between DemandQ Control API and the user specified local device (typically a controller) through a network connection, allowing for DemandQ’s energy management solution to control HVAC equipment within. Application will leverage configuration files read from conf folder, which is located at the installation location in ./agent/conf. 

  • DemandQ Point Discovery: Discovers BACnet points that are exposed to be read/written to from the BACnet device. This application is not necessary if the user has knowledge of the device BACnet points via documentation, software, or other means. Utilize this application if the user does not have information regarding the points in the device.

  • DQAgent Cleanup and Reset: In case of an unexpected shutdown of DemandQ Control Agent, it runs an exit routine where it disengages DemandQ’s control from the affected HVAC units. DQAgent Cleanup and Reset, when activated, runs a secondary redundant exit routine to ensure that all DemandQ influence has been removed from the device, therefore acting as a double verification. DQAgent Cleanup and Reset can be run in parallel with DemandQ Control Agent. While DemandQ Control Agent, DQAgent Cleanup and Reset will remain idle until the shutdown of DemandQ Control Agent, at which time it will engage the secondary redundant exit routine.

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