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Real-time Demand Hub

An open, real-time curtailment execution system bringing together both supply and demand

Real-time Demand Hub
  • RTD Hub provides automated, highly reliable execution of demand response and demand dispatch events on a low cost, pay-as-you-go basis

  • Execution priority is built-in to provide RTD Hub participants continuity of existing customer relationships and long-term execution stability

  • Connecting to RTD Hub is simple and free

    • Commercial end-users - hospitality, retail, office buildings and warehouses access the RTD Hub with our free plug-ins and connectors

    • Energy Suppliers, Utilities, ISO's and Demand Response Aggregators - connect with our API or DemandMaster portal

Ai Energy Solutions

Rewards AI 

  • Get paid to save energy by participating (effortlessly) in Demand Response programs

  • Activate a new revenue stream and save 2% on your energy bill

  • Free to download and activate 


  • Save even more energy and participate in Demand Response programs

  • Energy savings of +8%  with more control and 2 choices

    1. ComfortMax - <1 degree of variance from building temperature setpoint

    2. RevenueMax - <3 degree of variance from the building temperature setpoint for more revenue and savings

  • Monthly fee

  • Download the software to start saving today

AI Energy Solutions





SaaS Fee

Energy Savings


8% or More

Earn Demand Response Revenue

Real-time Price Mitigation

DER Optimization

Equipment Service Notifications

Time of Use Charge Optimization

EV Charging Optimization

Commercial & Industrial Businesses choose to access the RTD Hub with either RewardsAI or PlatinumAI



  • Energy suppliers and utilities benefit both financially and operationally with DemandMaster, the world’s most powerful, fully-automated demand curtailment control system

  • DemandMaster enables both Demand Response and Demand Dispatch events to be executed in harmony

  • Curtailment is activated by our exclusive dispatch control panel, utilizing any or all of geographic, zone, time or price-based settings

  • DemandMaster seamlessly integrates with the RTD Hub for execution across multiple sites


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