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An Intelligent Demand Platform


Click to learn how our platform lowers electric bills, assures Demand Response revenues, and improves sustainability

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Free and Simple to Connect

  • To make it easy for everyone, we made our RewardsAI solution free to install and use.

  • DemandQ is so simple to connect, most customers get a healthy return on the time investment in just a few days.

Advanced Capabilities

with PlatinumAI

  • Price mitigation 

  • Time of Use

  • EV Chargers behind the meter

  • Solar

  • Batteries

  • Equipment service notifications

Start Saving Now

Incorporating our Intelligent Demand Platform is easy.  By leveraging existing equipment we can rapidly deploy the platform to instantly reduce peak demand, deliver operational insight, and achieve cost-saving goals. 

Peak Demand and Load Management:

Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers pay for both the total amount of electricity (kWh) used during the month and peak demand (kW), which is the highest amount of power used during a single 15-minute period.  Peak demand charges can account for over half of a monthly electric bill and are increasing 7% per year.


​Implementing the Intelligent Demand Platform will lower a C&I customers electricity bill by 10% through continuous optimization of peak demand and energy consumption. 


​Typical outcomes:​


  • 10-25% reduction in peak demand

  • 3-10% reduction in energy consumption

  • 3-10% fewer CO2 emissions

Automatic Demand Response:

Utilities offer C&I customers Demand Response (DR) programs with financial incentives to reduce or shift electricity use during peak demand periods. However, poor DR event management can have an adverse impact on operations and comfort and negate DR payouts.  


 Implementing the Intelligent Demand Platform will continuously optimize energy loads before, during and after the DR event.


​Outcomes include:


  • Fully meeting curtailment objectives

  • No compromises on comfort or site cooling setpoints

  • No diminished DR revenue and no new coincidental peaks 

EV Charging Management:

By 2030 the EV market will require more than 55 million chargers that consume at least 525 TWh of electricity per year.  In order to mitigate rising electricity costs, Facility and Fleet Managers must implement a holistic charging strategy that addresses peak demand.


 Implementing the OCPP-compliant Intelligent Demand Platform will manage EV Charging peak demand, while ensuring all target charge states and on-time operational objectives.   


 Outcomes include: 


  • Lower fueling costs of EV's and EV Fleets

  • Potential new revenue streams through demand response programs

  • Seamless "behind the meter" integration with building and charge management systems

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